Monday, 29 October 2018

Migraine problems (video)

Very close representation of blurred vision at the onset of a migraine
Long time readers here will know that I have a problem with migraine headaches. They're not nearly as severe as they were in my teens when I first got them, but they can still be a real bother.

Mostly all I get now is blurred vision to start off with, followed by a bad headache and feeling really sick/nauseous. So it's not like I need to be hospitalised or screaming in pain at home in bed.

However the frequency the last two days has been really bad. Have had six episodes in 5 days of the blurry vision leading to the headache. One day it happened twice. In such instances I've just had to stop whatever I'm doing, take two or three Panadol, and then go and lie down in bed for a while with the curtains pulled.

After about 45 minutes it all subsides and I'm OK. Well sort of as I can still be really sick. Lucky I've been at home when it's happened and can do that, instead of down the shops.

I find it really strange though that suddenly out of nowhere I'm getting this cluster. The same sort of thing happens to my daughters husband. He gets migraines but only at certain times of the year. Being much younger than me his are very severe, poor guy.

I guess I should drag myself to the doctor for another visit and get a prescription for those migraine pills. You have to take them at the start when you're vision gets blurry to stop the migraine. I think they would be better than  relying on a few Panadol. 

I found this video that, although isn't exactly like what a migraine sufferer experience's is very bloody close. 


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