Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Banned/Censored/No free speech? - Stormy Daniels video Australian 60 minutes (video)

Well well well darlings.......

It seems Australian 60 Minutes with a half hour interview of Stormy Daniels has totally pissed off Donald Trump and cohorts. The YouTube video was up this afternoon when I wandered over to the PC and watched it. 

Well I didn't actually watch it but do as I usually do with videos longer than about 3 minutes and download the YouTube video to the hard on drive so I can relax watching it on the telly (by a site well known but will forever be nameless presently). In fact the video was a suggestion from YouTube itself. I did nothing more than comply.

Later today I watched the Australian 60 Minutes video of Stormy Daniels that I had downloaded in brilliant high definition telly stuff, and decided I would really like to post that on this here blog.

So the easiest way to do that was to simply bla a bit about the video I was embedding from YouTube. Unfortunately when I went to the Australian 60 minutes site I discovered the video was gone/taken down. For what possible reason I have no idea, but my guess is the Trump administration; you know, the one that's really into "free speech" and all...

Enraged, I realised I had the copy on my hard drive. Tell an Aussie he can't protest and they'll do it tenfold! Fuck you Trump! You're not our fucking president! Go to hell asshole! How dare you censor our Australian media from the other side of the world! 

If that's what's actually happened but I can't think of any other reason why this particular video from Australian 60 minutes would be taken down from YouTube.

So, in my presently enraged state, I uploaded my saved YouTube video of Stormy Daniels on Australian 60 minutes to my personal account.  Ha ha ha ha ha.....

You may watch it in it's entirely below :)  

And may I say, fuck you Trump!. I mean seriously, what's he going to do? Sue a bankrupt pensioner in Australia? Ha Ha Ha Ha.........

And believe me, it;s absolutely worth watching!

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