Friday, 12 October 2018

Gov shoots itself in foot over religious freedom review :)


The ineptitude of PM Mad Morrison is now on stunning display, as the leaking of part of the religious freedom review in Australia sent shock waves around the nation. With the review wanting to put in place federal legislation that would override state law, allowing religious schools to discriminate against LGBT students on the basis of their sexuality. At least two states have laws that make this illegal to do so in those states; being Tasmania and Queensland. A federal law allowing discrimination against LGBT students would override those state laws.

Of course Mad Morrison, Pentecostal happy clapper he is, was very supportive of the idea. He claimed it was already "existing law" in a doorstop that is now legendary for the amount of times he repeated "existing law". Gone was the "daggy dad" image he's been trying to proselytise onto us, replaced by the arrogant backed into the corner non-caring Pentecostal asshole that sits under the thin veneer. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has backed the right of religious schools to discriminate against gay students in a political row over a confidential government report into religious freedom.

 Mr Morrison played down the storm over the report by pointing to existing law that allows religious schools to discriminate against some staff and students.

 The Prime Minister stood by this power in the face of a fierce debate over whether church groups and religious schools should continue to hold exemptions from discrimination law on the grounds of personal conscience. Sydney Morning Herald 
Of course Australian's were aghast at all of this. Not the least of which was the spectacle of the prime minister wanting to make a new federal law to entrench discrimination of kids by religious schools on the basis of their sexuality. The picture could not have been more stark in it's contrast. Whilst the population was demanding urgent action on climate change (the gov presently has no policy at all on that after rolling Turnbull) all Mad Morrison wanted to do was to pick on vulnerable LGBT school kids. Kids that under this new law could well be kicked out of their school in front of their peers because the school was saying that there was something wrong with them. 

That the prime minister supported this cruelty against kids was appalling. What if two brothers went to the same religious school for instance, and one of them was gay? The school could kick out the gay brother legally because of that. The psychological damage wrought on the gay student in such a case cannot be understated.

But what's come out of all of this is that the spotlight has been turned onto the fact that many religious schools in Australia can do just that under their present state law. New South Wales for example is apparently open slather for religious schools to discriminate however the hell they like against anyone, including vulnerable students. The only thing curbing this are the sensibilities of the religious school staff not to utilise such laws. 

Hence we now have a situation where public outrage at Mad Morrison wanting to enshrine in federal law discrimination against kids, has been now turned to outrage against religious schools who still in 2018 have the power to enact just such discrimination. Legally. There are now demands for these anachronistic laws to be addressed and once and for all taken off the books entirely in Australia. In fact the opposition Labor party (no doubt gleeful at how stupid this gov is) has gone for the jugular on this, demanding just the above.

Now Mad Morrison has done a full backflip reverse somersault trying not to look entirely stupid saying that he's "not comfortable" with kids being treated that way. Note the piss weak language there; "not comfortable"; sounding like someone is actually pulling the words out of his reluctant voice box. Simple fact is he's a gay hating Pentecostal and try as he might he can't hide that from the public. Now he's in all sorts of stupid strife, all of his own making.

Morrison said the Ruddock review was focused on “what is necessary to ensure a positive right of freedom of religion but at the same time not to disrespect or disenfranchise the rights of other Australians” including on the grounds of sexuality.

 “I don’t think if someone’s at a school they should be kicked out because they have a different sexuality to what might be believed to be the appropriate thing by a particular religious group.

 “We do not think that children should be discriminated against.”

 Earlier on Thursday, Morrison told 3AW that “religious schools should be able to run their schools based on their religious principles” and claimed that “no one” is calling for existing exemptions to be repealed.

 The comments leave Morrison in the precarious position of having stated a principled opposition to religious schools discriminating on the grounds of sexuality while backing a call to enshrine a right to do just that in federal law, albeit with safeguards.

 The Greens have announced they will introduce a bill to abolish the religious exemption to discrimination law, while crossbenchers Derryn Hinch and Centre Alliance’s Rex Patrick have also expressed opposition to the ability to discriminate.

 The attorney general Christian Porter has said that the current balance of rights “probably could do with a little bit of fine tuning, but I don’t think that, and it’s not recommended, that the balance be shifted further towards schools being able to discriminate”.

 On Friday Labor deputy leader and education spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek said it was “wrong and irresponsible” for schools to turn away gay students and “frankly abhorrent to send that message to a child that something is wrong with them”. The Guardian
Once again the Liberal party, by it's complete ineptitude and ideological dramatics, has scored another spectacular own goal. *Sheesh* What a bunch of rank amateurs.  

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