Sunday, 21 October 2018

Nail biter Wentworth bi-election (video)

Election results ABC News
Sharma heckled yesterday in Wentworth

Independent Kerryn Phelps it looks like will take the seat of Wentworth in what has turned out to be a nail biter close contest between her and Liberal Sharma.

Last night Phelps was well ahead in the count and claimed victory, but overnight pre-polling and postal votes were counted which significantly narrowed the race. She's currently ahead by only 884 votes, or 50.6/49.4 two party preferred.

Election analyst Anthony Green says more will be known later tonight as counting continues. 

There has been currently an 18.4% swing away from the Liberals in the 6th safest of their seats, which they've held for many decades. Major issues were climate change and Australia's offshore refugee gulags. The Morrison gov doesn't even have a climate change plan, and refugees in jail offshore are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis at the hands of this gov.

Will losing Wentworth spark another Liberal leadership spill? It would be utter insanity, but who knows with this gov? Wentworth is one of their jewels in the crown and it's loss would be crushing. The swing away from the gov in Wentworth is already by far the largest ever in a by-election.

So far what has Morrison done in reaction? Shouted meaningless slogans to the converted, and that bloody smirk still hasn't been wiped off his sniveling face.  

Morrison with Sharma as he concedes defeat

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