Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Stormy vs Trump Twitter war - I entered the fray :)

Hardly slept last night at all both David and I. We've got a bit out of whack staying up into the early hours watching horror movies. So after trying to sleep we both ended up being up again at about 6am this morning. Sick of watching telly we both went online with each other's PC'c.

I noticed an article posted only a half hour before in which Trump called Stormy "Horseface". WTF? So I went to the news item and both Trump's tweet and Stormy's reply, both embedded in the article. It was therefore very easy to click through the tweets and reply to both of them. I follow Stormy on Twitter you know and would gallantly come to her Twitter rescue any day.

So the Trump tweet and the Stormy reply are contained thus:

I could not resist, and replied to Stormy with the above picture of Trump. Saying how an Australian artist got it exactly right back in 2016. It initially went up without the "sensitive" warning and was extremely visible for at least half an hour, before the twitter moderators made it so you had to click on it to see it, warning the Trum-pet snowflakes over there of their delicate sensibilities to freedom of speech/art.

And my my didn't the picture set the cat amongst the pigeons! And didn't they go bananas! Of course much more anti-Trump people had a huge laugh. But I'll tell you, the so called big tough bully Trum-pets were all a bunch of bloody crybabies.

The artist who made the picture is Australian Illma Gore, who received death threats and was bashed by a Trump supporter near her Los Angeles home over the picture. My don't these Trump people just loooooooove freedom of speech :s

Today I was punched in the face by a man who got out of his car and yelled, "Trump 2016!" in Los Angeles, just days after I returned home from London just down the road from my house. Though I encourage passion, opinion and emotion, especially though art, I think violence is disgusting. To live in a place where Facebook has given my address to an anonymous third party makes me anxious. This type of violence makes creatives feel like we live in a world where our individual creative input isn't safe. I am sad that this is the state of our America right now. I am sad that Trump, and many of his supporters, don't find words enough to express their opinions - they need walls, waterboarding and punches. @realdonaldtrump Please stop glamorizing and perpetuating violence. Make America Decent Again! #makeamericadecentagain No, they have not been caught, and the men drove off laughing. A detailed police report has been filed.
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In any case I was very proud to give her work more exposure. My tweet totally went off. What a great way to start the day!

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