Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Bird watching :)

It's Spring in Sydney and we've had two weeks of rain. Today the rain cleared and it got hot and muggy, before we had more rain yet again this afternoon. Perfect weather for Spring with plants growing green and flowers doing their thing.

With that the birds outside have gone crazy chirping and mating. Casper and Zac are glued to the back door as much as they can watching it all in amazement. Cat TV. Zac meows at us to let him out to have a go at them all, but they're way to smart for him. They have like a bird warning system that when a bird sees a cat it sits up high and squawks it's head off like an alarm to all the other birds. Casper on the other hand just crouches down low, no noise or movement. Think he'd be an excellent hunter in the wild. 

Natasha the 15 year old is another story altogether. Oh yes she sits at the back door watching it all and enjoying the display, but as far as doing anything about it she can't be bothered. She's 15 now and would rather just relax knowing she'll be feed here without the effort of a hunt. Hence her relaxed posture as Casper crouches!  


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