Saturday, 27 October 2018

Our homophobic neighbours got booted out - Karma strikes :)

We've had a lot of trouble with the neighbours immediately next door to us for some time now. The other month their 4 year old little girl stood at their doorway and told David "You're not good people". A while back during a disagreement the mother told us "We know what sort of people you are". 

They were refugees from Bangladesh claiming persecution for their religion. They moved in about 5 years ago and have since become Australian citizens, as well as having their little girl. Lately she's pregnant with their second child.

Beginning of this year they went back to Bangladesh for nearly three months (strange to go back to a country you've got asylum from) without telling any of the neighbours. Stupidly, they left their internet WiFi on (it was viewable on our PC"s), the side windows partially opened about ten cm, and after a while the mail was overflowing into the driveway out of their letterbox. We and two other neighbours after nearly 3 months decided to ring the police in case something had happened to them.

The cops came the next day in full force, headed by detectives. They easily gained access to the place as the bathroom window wasn't even locked. It all looked very suspicious the detectives said and that if was them they'd have rung the cops too. But they found nobody in there. Ironically they arrived back the very next day.

During the course of this the cops rang the real estate and found out the leaseholder wasn't the couple and their kid living there, but a reverend guy from Bangladesh who hadn't lived their for years. Turns out he'd been the leaseholder for zonks and was using the place to bring in relatives from Bangladesh as "refugees". They were living there illegally and had no leaseholder rights. Busted!

In NSW it's illegal to sublet a rental property unless prior arrangement is made with the landlord. As it turned out the landlord had no idea, but evidently when finally finding out must have terminated the lease with the reverend. Thus the reverend and them were evicted. They must of had to move in a hurry given the contents of the flat that they chucked on the street.

They were also in breach of the reverend's lease by having three people living in there. At one time they had their nephew as well from Bangladesh making 4 people. He came over and worked multiple jobs despite his visa only allowing 20 hours per week. He left after about a year, they said he didn't like it here and went back to Bangladesh, but we suspect he was deported after breaking the conditions of his Visa.

The place is a small divided area of the house David and I live in. You literally couldn't swing a cat in there. Only one bedroom more like the size of a small sun room than a bedroom. Tiny lounge and kitchen, bathroom so small only a shower could fit in it with no bath. The lease agreement with the reverend obviously wouldn't have been for 4 people, so again the reverend was in violation of his lease. It's a one person place really, sort of in between a bedsitter and a one bedroom. 

We heard the landlord "couldn't believe" that they had three people in there. Their little girl had a small bed in the lounge room. The nephew also slept in the lounge room when he was there. In the past before they moved in there there were 5 people living there before them.

We couldn't believe that the landlord didn't know for all those years. Even before I moved in 11 years ago. That's how long the reverend has been getting away with it.

On top of that the wife this time was just a fuckin bitch. Late 20's pretty much around my daughter's age. She went off about everything to us. Imagine how we felt when we found out they weren't even leaseholders. 

We pay for a carpark (even though my car went years ago) which we leave for guests coming to visit. They got a car and started parking there, and we objected. She went bananas (even though they don't pay for a carpark), took photos of it and complained to the real estate about us. Turned out he couldn't drive anyway, knocked over the common area washing line trying to get out of the parking lot, had to pay for it, and parked on the street after that. Dunno how he got his P plates but it certainly wasn't legit.

We have a separate little old laundry shed out the back next to our back door where our washing machine is. They were also storing a whole bunch of their crap in there which sometimes I nearly tripped over getting to the machine. When David moved in, after a while he noticed that it was our hot water going into the shed. He and his ex used to run a body corporate, so he knows what he's talking about. That meant that it was our shed not theirs. Much to their displeasure we therefore told them to remove it from our rental area. The bitch wasn't at all happy, later on asserting that we were "bullying" them.

In between the washing shed and back door was a little area that before David moved in was full of junk from them. We threw it all out and David made a cactus garden of multiple pots. He's very good at it, very artistic, looks marvelous now. She was pissed off again telling me that David had "taken over" the area. There was just no pleasing her.

Truth is they hated us for being gay. When they first got to know us they thought we were brothers :s After they found out we were gay they changed.

Not long ago, the husband told David "We know that Peter's daughter is the leaseholder". WTF? Were they trying to have one over us so we wouldn't stir any more shit about them having no lease? Don't dob us in or we'll dob you in? *sheesh* I spent about 6 months constantly at David's place after we first met and wasn't seen much here during that time. When David moved in it was like "I'm back". I'd never seen them before as the others had moved out and them in during those 6 months. So I guess they concluded that I moved in after my daughter, who'd been here all the time.

When David told me I was laughing about it, went and got the lease from 2007 and read through it laughing. Lease agreement between.... oh look it's me! Oh look one car space! Oh look "washing facilities"! David took it, knocked on their door, and showed it to the husband. He stood there and read it from top to bottom in detail, like he didn't really believe what he was seeing.

Now they're gone. Hooray!!

Just a note to finish. I've always supported refugees having a right to come here. I even helped one of the previous tenants get Australian citizenship by writing a character reference for him and his wife. This post isn't meant to detract from that. Am deeply disturbed and offended by the major parties the refugee crisis they have created in offshore detention.

At the same time Australia has people like this playing the system and giving them all a bad name. Refugees fleeing genuine persecution are being done no favours by people like this. People who are intent on doing things illegally rather than follow Australian law, and think they have every right to do so. 

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