Saturday, 6 October 2018

Lady Gaga speaks of surviving emotional trauma (video)

The subject matter is some US political thing going on over there to do with a Brett Kavanaugh and the denial of his part in sexual assaults against women. Apparently a very big deal in US politics right now. 

Forgive me Americans for not knowing much about it all as I've been following the political machinations of the Australian conservative gov we presently have as it destroys itself in a train wreck of it's own making. You know how train wrecks are; disastrous but totally fascinating to watch. We're now up to our 5th prime minister in just 10 years, as the gov panics and rearranges the deck chairs once again. But I digress...

For me it wasn't so much about the subject matter but about the way Lady Gaga spoke about mental trauma. It does indeed stay with you, all packed away in some corner of your mind, in a place where you know it's there but you can't deal with going there.

A place that if you enter you lose control and are back in that trauma again. Where you can't stop crying. When even visiting that place in your head becomes a traumatic experience in and of itself. A place that traps you and you just have to let things run their course; experience the pain and tears yet again before you're finally released from it's grasp. Gasping for breath.

But sometimes you can end up visiting that place when you don't want to or haven't planned on doing so. A trigger, that wouldn't have the slightest affect on others, but for you it's like the pain reaches out and grabs you in an intense grip, dragging you back into it and not letting go. Suddenly you're in the midst of the trauma again, unexpectedly without any warning, you find yourself in it's clutches........

This is what Lady Gaga talks about. She herself is a sexual abuse survivor. She speaks how the women involved in the Kavanaugh thing, after packaging away the trauma into a box, that box being opened against your will. For those of us who have survived mental Trauma, there could be nothing worse that to have that hoisted on you.

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