Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Dopey Dutton nearly loses his seat - blames everyone else

It appears the GetUp campaign against one of The Blockers, Peter Dutton, has had quite an effect. He's nearly lost his seat up there in Queensland.

In true Lieberal form though he's blamed everyone else. In the form of "union thugs", "bikies" and of course Labor and GetUp. That's quite a list, the poor persecuted precious dearie. Another terribly oppressed white christian male. Cripes they're breeding like flies in the Lieberal party!

He suffered a 5.8% swing against him which was certainly more than the national average.

The election result is still unknown, currently Lieberals 70 seats, Labor 60, 5 independents, and 1  with the Nick Xenophon team. Nobody has a 76 seat majority as yet.
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has blamed bikies, union thugs, activists and "sneaky" Labor tactics for his plummeting popularity in the Queensland seat of Dickson. 

As of Monday afternoon, Mr Dutton was ahead by just 1250 votes in a two-candidate contest with Labor's Linda Lavarch. It represents a 5.8 per cent swing against him - far more than that suffered by the Coalition nationwide. 

Mr Dutton had been touted as an alternative deputy Liberal leader to Julie Bishop, but his political future now hangs in the balance. If he retains the seat, in Brisbane's outer north-west, it will be on the slimmest of margins. 

The Coalition frontbencher, who presides over a contentious, hard-line refugee policy, has pointed to a negative campaign by Labor for the dent in his standing, AAP reported. 
He claimed Labor leader Bill Shorten ran a "negative, sneaky and tricky" campaign, in which unionists harassed the elderly. Sydney Morning Herald