Monday, 11 July 2016

Where's the Gov Gen? - Lieberal launch then France.....

Governor General Peter Cosgrove attending the Lieberal campaign launch (Dopey Dutton front right)
We now sort of appear to maybe have a prime minister in waiting. He's kind of claimed victory promising to form some sort of gov, as the counting goes on, despite not yet having a clear majority. Does that mean he's ready to be sworn in as PM? I dunno, I suppose so, I think.

But it wouldn't matter anyway as the Governor General Peter Cosgrove isn't in Australia to swear him in. Although the election has been hanging in the balance with the poor dears in Canberra biting their nails for over a week now, with Australia without a current federal gov, the Governor General has decided to go clear to the other side of the world for Bastille Day celebrations in France FFS. A thing that happened over 200 years ago on the other side of the world that nobody in Australia cares less about. Honestly, you just couldn't make this shit up.
So what’s next? In order for Malcolm Turnbull to formally be reappointed Prime Minister he needs to be sworn in by the Governor-General. The only problem is the Governor-General is currently in France celebrating Bastille Day, so Turnbull will have to wait for his return before he starts running the show again. 

As a quick aside, it’s pretty funny the Governor-General, who is the official representative of the Queen, is celebrating Bastille Day. Bastille Day is a celebration of the start of the 1789 French revolution which resulted in the declaration of a French Republic and the execution of the king. 

So basically Australia has a slight delay in officially appointing our Prime Minister, because our system of constitutional monarchy means the Queen’s representative has to swear them in, but the Queen’s rep is too busy celebrating the brutal deposition of the French monarchy back in the 1700’s. There’s never been a more exciting time to be an Australian who thinks our monarchist system of government is a bit outdated and shit. Junkee
As if that wasn't enough, Cosgrove (who is supposed to be unbiased towards politics) attended the Lieberal party campaign launch for this very election (see photo above). Much to the zero comments by the main stream media. Would it have been so if he attended the Labor party launch? Or the Greens party launch?

So he can attend the Lieberals bullshit party launch, but he can't be here on time to swear in a government? Because France? Who nuclear bombed the South Pacific? Fucks sake :s 

It's almost like he has a sense of entitlement isn't it.....