Monday, 18 July 2016

ACL doesn't want the wording "marriage equality" in plebsicte - video

That despicable man Lyle Shelton of the Australian Christian Lobby is interviewed here along with New South Wales gay independent Alex Greenwich. Alex is part of the Marriage Equality campaign here in Australia.

Apart from the fact that I can never get over seeing my human rights debated on TV, Shelton never ceases to aghast me. Oh he's just a vile and despicable man. He wants to delay the plebiscite (typical) and says that changing the marriage act is the biggest thing for Australia to face since the debate over becoming a republic and changing the system of gov. This despite PM Howard changing the marriage act early this century without much fuss and bother at all, and certainly without a plebiscite.

But the most shocking thing he says is that the wording of the plebiscite shouldn't include "marriage equality" as it's "misleading" as it's "not equal for children". What a fuckin insult. All the research shows that kids of gay parents do just as well if not better than their counterparts. Yet he still drags up this tired old misinformation.

Is this the bullish argument he's going to come out with during a plebiscite? Unresearched lies? "Think of the children!"

The video is from ACL but it's just the news interview without adjustment. Hence the title of doom of the video :s 

Shelton also calls the anti-discrimination laws a "big stick".