Saturday, 2 July 2016

Lieberal Jamie Briggs loses his seat of Mayo! - ha ha ha ha ha.......

Briggs blocked me on Twitter after I blocked him because of my mental health issues. He is a gutless piss head juvenile. *click to enlarge
Briggs laughing about injuring himself in the post Abbott PM piss up

Jamie Briggs, drunken pollie, has lost his fuckin seat of Mayo! Hooray!

I take great pleasure as after I posted this (raising the question of Briggs being in trouble in Mayo?) Briggs followed me on Twitter and I blocked him. Mayo BTW is the seat that Howard foreign minister Alexander Downer held during the Howard gov reign of horror.

I notice Briggs in return blocked me on Twitter; further confirmation that he only followed me as some sort of spy. How fuckin juvenile on both counts. Pretty much as juvenile as his drunken MP happenings of the post Abbott PM piss up and the offensive behaviour to a woman in Hong Kong.

How fuckin lovely it is so see such a fuckwit of entitlement to go down. Three cheers for that! Briggs has conceded defeat :)

Get a real job fuckwit Briggs! Compete for the zero jobs your stupid gov has created! Ha ha ha ha ha ha...........

In other news overall, Australia is facing a hung parliament and the election results won't be known tonight. It will go down to the full counts and postal votes. Much congrats to all progressive parties in having such a huge result against the Lieberals.

Being the party to take office by making the governing party the first one term gov in 80 years was almost an impossible ask. However the Lieberals have very nearly gone down after said first term. Again congrats to all my fellow lefties in Australia :)
Adelaide. Rebekha Sharkie has become the first member of the Nick Xenophon Team to take a seat in the lower house, taking Mayo from the one-time Liberal Party minister Jamie Briggs. 

Mr Briggs resigned from his ministry in December after a late night incident in a Hong Kong bar involving a public servant travelling in the same group. 

The race was particularly bitter as Ms Sharkie is a former staff member for Mr Briggs. The incident clearly resonated with some voters, one of who upbraided Mr Briggs in front of assembled media as he went to vote earlier in the day. \

"Certainly, I didn't feel that Jamie and my personal values were aligned. There were things said that were misogynist in nat­ure," Ms Sharkie told The Australian of her time in Mr Briggs' staff. He responded that her claims were baseless and that she was an opportunist. 

At about 9pm, Mr Briggs conceded he had lost, Tweeting:" After a tough fight tonight hasn't been our night, thanks to those who supported me and my best to the new member, its a great electorate" Sydney Morning Herald