Monday, 18 July 2016

David starting Uni today

He had the orientation thing on Friday and today is his first day at Uni. He's studying to be a higher grade of nurse so he's not on the shop floor so to speak. An 18 month course he'll finish in early 2018. Through Careers Australia. Some kind of HECS thing where the gov pays and you pay back money if you earn over a certain amount.

He's certainly been through the wringer since the discrimination happened to him. I've said before that people just don't realise what it can do to a person. Some may think that the LGBT community would be used to it but it's just not the case. Discrimination hurts, no matter who you are

So he was up at some ungodly hour this morning getting ready and all. I feel lost without him around at the moment I must say. All couples have their problems and arguments but we seem to get on extremely well. Have spent a lot of time together over the last couple of years too, just around the house not going anywhere.