Thursday, 14 July 2016

Neoliberalism = fascism - magistrates, Belgian

Lately here I've called it "corporate fascism", but this article goes right to the heart of the ideology. Amazing this internet thingy isn't it. Almost like a new human awakening as to WTF the powers that be are doing to us.

Manuela Cadelli, President of the Magistrates’ Union of Belgium calls it for what it is in much more definitive terms than I. Laid bare neoliberalism is simply a "form of fascism". 

Described in the article is a much more wordy, meaningful, and eloquent description of our modern capitalist world view than I can muster. A beautiful piece of writing and well worth following the link and reading it all.
Neoliberalism is a form of economism in our day that strikes at every moment at every sector of our community. It is a form of extremism. 

Fascism may be defined as the subordination of every part of the State to a totalitarian and nihilistic ideology. 

I argue that neoliberalism is a species of fascism because the economy has brought under subjection not only the government of democratic countries but also every aspect of our thought. 

The state is now at the disposal of the economy and of finance, which treat it as a subordinate and lord over it to an extent that puts the common good in jeopardy. 

The austerity that is demanded by the financial milieu has become a supreme value, replacing politics. Saving money precludes pursuing any other public objective. It is reaching the point where claims are being made that the principle of budgetary orthodoxy should be included in state constitutions. A mockery is being made of the notion of public service. 

The nihilism that results from this makes possible the dismissal of universalism and the most evident humanistic values: solidarity, fraternity, integration and respect for all and for differences. 

There is no place any more even for classical economic theory: work was formerly an element in demand, and to that extent there was respect for workers; international finance has made of it a mere adjustment variable. 

Every totalitarianism starts as distortion of language, as in the novel by George Orwell. Neoliberalism has its Newspeak and strategies of communication that enable it to deform reality. In this spirit, every budgetary cut is represented as an instance of modernization of the sectors concerned. If some of the most deprived are no longer reimbursed for medical expenses and so stop visiting the dentist, this is modernization of social security in action! Defend Democracy Press
The most bizarre manifestation of neoliberalism is the like of which has infected the Australian Lieberal party. That hard nosed and heartless economics that hurt the weak and vulnerable is somehow a christian value to be espoused. What a perverted and warped interpretation of Jesus. And I'm not even religious.