Friday, 15 July 2016

China's really pissed off with Australia - South China Sea

In the light of recent revelations about the West's needless war with Iraq, it is ironic that now the Lieberals are demanding China abide by what the UN says. Such incredible hypocrisy.

Again, this is part of the Lieberal's lurch to the far right. Traditionally Australia has been more of an intermediary between the US and China than anything else. Now it appears the Lieberals have placed us firmly on the side of the US. May the universe help us all if Trump is elected president :s 

I myself haven't had the slightest interest in the South China sea, fully way the fuck up there well past Indonesia. WTF Australia is doing getting involved in such a disputed and far away sea is beyond me. 

What's more the only thing valuable there appears to be oil and gas; greenhouse energy that in the future will become almost worthless. 

Again we jump blindly when the US says so, following it again into another stupid conflict.
China's Foreign Ministry has said it was shocked by remarks Foreign Minister Julie Bishop made on AM on Wednesday, that China should abide by the UN ruling and Australia would continue freedom of navigation exercises. 

China has called the UN tribunal that ruled it has no claim over the South China Sea a farce, an American conspiracy and the ruling a piece of waste paper. 

Now it has turned its fiery rhetoric and threats towards Australia and Ms Bishop. 

Lu Kang, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, said Ms Bishop's assertion that China should abide by the decision and that it was final and legally binding was wrong. ABC   
Perhaps the Lieberals should consider Australia's interests and not those of a dying US Empire struggling for legitimacy? If our trade collapses with China then so does our economy.