Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Man pulls gun on kid in US movie theater - kid was kicking his seat

Apparently everyone in the US will be much safer if everyone has guns according the the NRA over there. Well in this case at least not if you're a kid in a movie theatre kicking the seat in front of you. Despite assurances by the NRA of more safety with more guns, this kid found himself at the receiving end of a gun barrel. 

Now in Australia with our strict gun laws we can be assured that nobody will get a gun pulled on them in a school, a nightclub, or a movie theater, including children. But of course the US NRA corporation doesn't want people to know that. They make way too much money out of death for that.

 Like Orlando, when gun sales went up after the event.
According to the local TV news station KFVS 12, police were called to Paducah’s Cinemark Theater on Saturday morning, responding to calls that a gun was drawn inside the cinema. A man told one of the officers on the scene that another man sitting in front of him and his son grew irritated that the child was repeatedly kicking the back of the other man’s seat. 

Witnesses said that a fight broke out between the two men after the aggrieved audience member cursed at the boy. As the father was winning the brawl, the other man pulled out a gun, asking, “What the [expletive] are you going to do now?” Raw Story