Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Heart rending story of Kiwi deportation - from a blog reader

Sally Tolliday, partner and carer deported to NZ
A most disturbing story from a Sally Tolliday, who has replied to a post I made about Kiwi's being deported from Australia a while back. In a long post, she tells of the character of her partner and carer, how he was denied his right to speak to the New Zealand embassy here in Sydney upon returning from visiting a sick relative and denied entry back into Australia, and how he was eventually unceremoniously dumped in Wellington with zero assistance there.

This is not how Australians behave towards people of good character after they've made years of valuable contributions to society on both sides of the Tasman. I understand that thugs who bash and rob deserve to be deported if they're not citizens, but Australia would be a better place having such a man as William staying here. The gov is kicking out good people for no reason.

I wish them both well in their soon to be new life in New Zealand; Sally has no choice now but to move over there to be with him as she's unable to cope without him.