Friday, 8 July 2016

The Mad Katter supports Lieberals - blames refugees for unemployment :s

World, meet Bob Katter from up there somewhere in Australia, far far away from major cities I think. I have now dubbed him for the blog The Mad Katter. I think he's even more mad than the Hatter himself!

He's given his support to the Lieberals to help them in their desperate scraping together of enough MP's to form gov.

This was his election add, released shortly after the Orlando shootings, depicting The Mad Katter shooting MP's from the Lieberals and the Labor party. 

He claimed he didn't watch news so hadn't heard of Orlando. Seriously, he said that. Someone who is a member of the Australian federal parliament says he doesn't know what's going on because he doesn't watch the news. I guess that means he doesn't use the internet either.

Now that he has some attention nationally he's on about refugees. He wants much fewer you see, as although apparently the Lieberals should be shot for their piss poor economic management of 24 million people giving us the highest unemployment in over ten years, he's not blaming them for it. It's the refugees you see.... 
The man on whom the Turnbull government may have to depend to form a minority government in Canberra wants to restrict migration to just three groups, with Muslims left off the list. 

Bob Katter, fresh from a marathon 2½-hour meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Brisbane on Thursday, said he wanted to see immigration reduced to "virtually nil", except for people in some persecuted minority groups. 

Having been asked about Senator-elect Pauline Hanson's inflammatory remarks about Muslim migration, Mr Katter said migration should, ideally, be confined to Sikhs, Jews and Middle Eastern Christians. Brisbane Times   
Yes, this is who the Turnbull gov is going to have as part of Team Turnbull. Far out.