Monday, 1 August 2016

Afraid of disclosure?

I posted this at HIV+ Newly Diagnosed community on Google Plus. Just a few thoughts about living in an HIV+ closet.

I was wondering about newly diagnosed people who are afraid of disclosing their status?

I'm rather abnormal in this and when the icing on the shit cake came (the diagnosis) I just didn't give a fuck. Long story. Hence, although it took some time to get there starting from my personal blog, I ended up linking it to this Google account and have even recently become a part of the Twitteraty (sort of like the glitteraty but Twitter, ha ha). All accounts are "Peterhiv" so it's out there right from my profile name.

Apart from one troll on YouTube comments recently the experience has been nothing but positive. People have been more than willing to follow me on Twitter particularly, I assume out of interest for another voice in the mix?

Are we too afraid to tell people of our status? If so are we  not letting people hear us as human beings and not evil creatures trying to destroy civilisation or some shit?

Times have changed. In Sydney Australia AIDS is no longer a health crisis as it's a reversible condition. David and I are both HIV undetectable. By being open about who we are surely this will help awareness that HIV is no longer a death sentence. That's lost if we hide in an HIV+ closet.