Monday, 1 August 2016

Gender neutral toilets described as "Rape Rooms" - Democratic Convention, US

Honestly folks, where is the head at of a person who describes a gender neutral public toilet as a "rape room"? Have they got rape on their minds in some nefarious way? Are they projecting their own inclinations? 

Dearie me people, WTF is going on in the US and having gender neutral toilets? There's one at my health centre and nobody is raped FFS!

Apparently it's an affront to some sort of demented christianity? WTF did Jesus say about gays gender dysphoria? Oh that's right, nothing. See he and the tribal communities he lived with in the desert nomad thing didn't actually know the be all and end all of human morality. Just the "morality" of that dreadful imaginary sky man that wanted to zap them all if they didn't obey. 

Now that humanity has evolved to a point where, like the animal kingdom, gays actually exist and are a natural part of humans, the manic Jesus  people have turned their attention to a new demonic people; transgenders. They reckon they're paedophile rapists darlings (sound familiar?) and they will rape your kids in the toilets. I  kid you not.

BTW it must be stated that there was an All Gender toilet at the Republican convention too.
PHILADELPHIA—The Left’s crusade to include ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE in everything everywhere at all times without regard to public safety, appropriateness, decorum, or common decency is on display here at the Democratic National Convention in the Wells Fargo Center. 

In a case of obnoxious virtue-signaling, there are “all-gender” restrooms at the convention site. They don’t appear to be mandatory—yet. 

To be clear, I choose to characterize these unrest rooms as rape rooms because allowing big, strong men—whether they “identify” as men or women or octopusses—to relieve themselves alongside little girls and women is a proven recipe for disaster. These everything-goes facilities present a standing invitation to those seeking to commit sexual assaults. They paint a target on those who cannot defend themselves. Canada Free Press