Thursday, 14 December 2017

"Freedom of speech" my ass - christian "Life Site" banned me

Ever notice how the far right christians banging on about freedom of speech are the ones that want to silence us? This is yet another example of that.

Yesterday I responded to this ridiculous article at Life Site in North America. It claimed that a meningococcal outbreak in Australia's northern territory was a disease spread by gays. I posted about it in the last post before this one, but also made a statement in the comments under the article. I pointed the obvious that meningicoccal wasn't a gay disease but a human one, relating the experience of gays being blamed for HIV in the early days, and that to label another disease a gay disease is as ridiculous now as it was back then.

So I got another notification of a couple of replies so I went back to the comments to look. My whole post had been deleted and I'd been banned from the site. These are the people saying gays are a threat to freedom of speech. The only threat to said freedom of speech is them trying to conform everything to their religious world view and shutting out any diverse views.

Oh well, I've never been banned from a site before after many years online. It's a rather unique experience. I must have really set the cat among the pigeons! What a bunch of snowflakes :) 

BTW, this is there Twitter account.
I see I'm not blocked.....hmmmmmm..... 
Far out, 50k followers and only 38 likes? WTF? 


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