Sunday, 10 December 2017

Retarded vile comment on my YouTube channel *sheesh*

So the above comment to a video of David's fish tank (which I posted about 6 months ago and has had all of four views) greeted me in my inbox this morning. Incredibly the user calls himself "Fat retarded conservative FOX viewer". His YouTube channel has one subscriber with no content. The video of David's fish tank that he commented on is here.

I'm just going to report the idiot to YouTube as you do for abuse. I do wonder though why someone would suddenly leave a comment like that on an extremely obscure video with only 4 views in 6 months? I've got a feeling it's probably to do with marriage equality passing into law here and the hater's feathers are flying over it. Seems like too much of a coincidence to me.

*Update: I've done the whole reporting thing from his channel where you have to give links and refer to the actual comment etc. In doing so he's been blocked. I've also taken down the comment from my video; not having anything of mine online being used as a platform for a hating troll. 

BTW for the record, I don't have AIDS and never have. My HIV viral load has been undetectable for all the years I've been on meds, making it impossible to pass on even in unsafe sex. 

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