Thursday, 7 December 2017

We did it! Marriage equality passes the House of Representatives! (video)

I caught this snip from the live feed as the video was playing :)

We won. We did it. Despite the huge adversity and years of angst and frustration, the floodgates finally opened and the House of Representatives have just passed marriage equality federally. Yes, in our long fight we finally gained equality before the law. The final parliamentary vote had only five people voting against it.

It passed without amendments. Over a long drawn out day the religious exemption amendments were all solidly voted down one after the other. Not one single one survived. Abbott had his last plead at the last amendment but again for nought. The parliament would not accept superfluous, unnecessary and discriminatory legislation being included in a bill that was simply about marriage. The tenacity and gall of the RWNJ's to spend the day trying to keep putting these amendments up when they were being defeated so strongly was appalling and pathetic to watch.

The full gallery erupted singing the "We are Australian" song. 

This victory however comes at a very big cost to us. The pain of the postal survey on our existence and love will be with many of us for years to come. The victory hasn't been cheap. The far right kept going right to the bitter end, and we'll never forget what no balls Turnbull put us through for the sake of his political career. To see him basking in the glory at the end in parliament today praising the postal survey was just sickening. The audacity for him to take credit for this is right over the top. The victory is ours, not his. We were the ones who paid the price for it. It feels more like limping over the line battered and bruised rather than a triumphant passing of the posts.

The religious freedom debate has been deferred to a committee to report back it's findings next year. This is a start but the fight isn't over. 

The Guardian live feed

The last division with only five people voting no
The Guardian live feed

Dragging this gov kicking and screaming into this century

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