Friday, 8 December 2017

Lyle Shelton caught in bald face lie - American catches him out online

It's official. Lyle Shelton is a liar.

Thing is he doesn't seem to get that his comments are viewable across the globe, including to those people who know intimately the subject matter he's lying about. In this case it was about the US cake shop owner case who refused to serve a gay couple because of his religious beliefs (ie. make them a wedding cake). The case is currently in the US Supreme Court I believe as a test case to see if the cake shop owner is in the wrong or not, possibly having implications for the unraveling of current anti-discrimination law over there.

However, true to form as in the postal survey, lying Lyle is very slippery with the facts. In this case outright lying about the case. I present exhibit A:

A casual observer may well think what he says is true, whatever his bigoted and delusional interpretation of it is. However due the the world publicity that Australia passing marriage equality has attracted, the above Tweet has gained the attention of none other than Joe My God, of the JoeMyGod US blog, who replied to Shelton pointing out his lie. May I say in a wonderful way :)

"Eat shit Lyle". He just a twisted lying asshol. The ACL even thought they would be fine writing a marriage discrimination bill for the federal parliament to pass. How the fuck do they keep their charity status? Anyone who lies like that surely must be a politician? I think he is; a failed one. So the boys have found him something else to do in connection with the National party.

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