Friday, 8 December 2017

Turnbull is taking the credit for marriage equality and it's sick & wrong

 We LGBT are finding Turnbull even more revolting than ever today. The sight of him on the media prancing around and crediting himself with the passing of marriage equality in the parliament is deeply offensive, not to mention his wanton praising of the postal survey as a good thing.

The fact is he has been a slave to the far right of his party for the whole time he's been prime minister. He's caved in  to their every wish because he needed their support to stay the PM. They had him over a barrel, hence all the policies he's supposedly come up with weren't because he was leading but because he was concerned for his political career. He capitulated on climate change, coal mining, and the rest of it, not the least being marriage equality.

The numbers to pass marriage equality have been there in this parliament since the last federal election. All it needed was for parliament to be allowed a free vote (John Howard had 5 of them during his tenure). But the far right that was running the show wouldn't have it. Instead of standing up for us he stood up for his own political ass and again gave them what they wanted; a postal survey on our existence and our relationships to decide our human rights. He threw us to the wolves for his own career. Many of us will be dealing with the hate produced by the survey for many years to come.

During that survey I vowed I'd never forget what he did to us for no reason other than the pleasing of the lunar right in his party. We became canon fodder in their culture wars and delusions about what Australians wanted and cared about. We were subjected to the most vile criticisms and lies about us in the public sphere very much so online, without the usual protections from the Australian Electoral Commission. The survey for many was nothing more than an excuse for those who despise gays to "have their say", and vote on us.

It should never happen again to any other minority in this country. To have Turnbull now crowing about it all after capitulating to those in his party against us time after time is beyond comprehension. It's like he's fucking us over all over again, again for the sake of his own political career.  


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