Sunday, 31 December 2017

Intense back pain muscle spasms causing panic attacks

Far out, what a couple of terrible days I've had. It started after I typed that longish last post of my submission to the religious freedoms review. I don't usually type that long on the PC and I'm not a very fast typer either. So doing that involved a couple of hours of leaning forward over the keyboard. Silly me should have taken a break. After those decades of work my back is rather fragile these days.

A few hours later the pain started in my upper and middle back, which quickly got worse turning into severe muscle spasms. The pain was so bad it caused panic attacks when I tried getting up to do anything; shortness of breath and fast breathing, very hot and sweating, numbness in my hands and feet, tightness in the chest, feeling sick and wanting to throw up, and feeling weak and having to lie down. Good grief :s

Spent nearly all of yesterday laid up in bed, inhaling panadol and rubbing heat cream onto me. About half a box of Panamax later, and half a large tub of Metsel cream I've managed to get myself out of the bed today with the pain somewhat reduced. Didn't get a wink of sleep last night until I finally conked out from the Panamax at about 7am. It was worst in the middle right of my back just below the shoulder blade, which is of course where I couldn't reach.

Certainly in the future I'll be more aware about taking breaks from typing at the computer. Looks like I did a good job on the submission though as consolation. Surprised it's gotten a lot of views. Don't forget you can make a submission yourself to the religious freedoms review here. The more of us raise our voices on this the better. Remember what they tried on in parliament too, trying to make it legal for a commercial business to deny service to David and I for no other reason than our sexuality. We can't have our anti-discrimination laws that protect us rolled back like that! 

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