Sunday, 17 December 2017

Byelection Liberal winner says disabled have no pride (video)

Federal Liberal John Alexander has held on to his seat of Bennelong despite a 7.5% swing to Labor's Kristina Keneally. Hardly an endorsement of the Turnbull gov but of course Turnbull is screaming from the rooftops that it is.

The victory speech was marred by an Alexander lead balloon however, where he insulted disabled people. He said he wouldn't get a disabled parking sticker for his car when he was sick, because he "still had some pride". That's obviously how he views us disabled, as sick people with no pride. What an asshole. 

Disabled people often face discrimination because of their disability. Particularly someone with HIV, that discrimination very evident online during the postal survey. The last thing we need is a gov minister reinforcing stereotypes whilst the prime minister smiles along with him.