Friday, 15 December 2017

Masturbation will make you gay - leaked Mormon manual of homosexuality


In an hilariously idiotic manual from the Mormon church in 1981 on the subject of homosexuality, There's a whole section dedicated to masturbation and how to deal with the "dangers" of it; one of those dangers being the potential to make you gay. I kid you not. I have snipped the whole hilarious section below.

It's very funny reading today, but you do have to wonder about the poor young men and women who seriously believed this drivel back then. The guilt and lack of self esteem it must have created. Guilt about a normal bodily function and sexual expression, and self esteem when the inevitable happened as they jerked off.

Imagine being gay in such an environment. They'd think that it was there fault becausd they'd jerked off to much, further affecting their self esteem. Along with the church elders who they might have gone to for their evil gay making masturbation problem. But we all know how churches just love to make people feel guilty.  


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