Saturday, 16 December 2017

LGBT youth organisation attacked by conservative with "revenge porn"

A conservative has attacked the LGBT group Minus18 on her Facebook page, posting what Minus18 has called "revenge porn". It appears the feathers are still flying over marriage equality and the conservatives have been enraged. I guess that's to be expected, but attacking a group who are helping LGBT youth? Why attack a group that's looking after the most vulnerable?
In a post attacking and shaming the organisation’s events producer Delsi Moleta, Rancie shared and criticised photos from her Facebook page. 

“Sorry for the nudity,” wrote Rancie, of a now-removed selfie where Moleta’s nipples were visible through a mesh shirt. 

“This was her Facebook profile picture. She’s obviously comfortable with it. I’m not.” 

Rancie criticised the mild state of undress—including someone wearing a leotard and tights, and a single visible male nipple—visible in some event photos on Moleta’s page. 

 “Gone are the days of the police supervised blue light discos. Welcome to 2017! This is how we roll now. Like soooo progressive,” she wrote. 

“Hold on to your hats this is the start of a rabbit hole that is pretty sick and twisted to your average Australian family.” 

Minus18 issued a response on their own page, comparing the attack to “revenge porn”. 

“Today a right-wing anti-LGBTIQ page posted a personal, nude photo that a member of our team took,” they wrote. 

 “The narrative is too often the same—anti-LGBTIQ groups attempt to paint queer people as sinister or corrupt—and that you can somehow be taught how to be queer. 

 “The real issue here is the violation of privacy and consent—not someone taking a photo of themselves. 

 “We’re stronger than ever before and work to tirelessly support the LGBTIQ youth of Australia.” 

In Rancie’s “furious” response she denied being anti-LGBTIQ. 

“Speaking against this disgusting program is not hate speech,” she wrote. 

 “As for the threat of revenge porn, they called it that, not me. 

 “This person has access to our minors.” 

Moleta told Star Observer the attack from the conservative Facebooker has been upsetting. 

 “I don’t really know how to feel about it,” she said. “Initially I cried, then I laughed—this is ridiculous. But the more it gains traction and the more people say hurtful things about me, the more I feel concerned about the world. 

“If these are parents of young people, there’s a 10 per cent chance that their kid might be queer. What’s that going to be like for them?” 

Moleta said she will be reporting Rancie’s non-consensual sharing of her photos to the police. Star Observer 

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