Monday, 5 December 2016

Blog just passed half a million views :) *faints*

Top ten views for the last 7 days
BTW, I missed out on getting my school certificate in English by about 4 points I think. Flew through the technical subjects, Maths, Drafting/tech drawing, geography, and another one I can't quite remember at this moment it's been so long ago. But how's that eh? Didn't pass English and now have half a million views on my blog. Without advertising. Albeit it has been going a few years now.

I had not the faintest idea when I started this thing. I'd had experience online with message boards and the like so I knew how to upload pictures and that. I did have to research to get the HTML to where it is though. I hated Facebook and it's complete conformity, that I was supposed to express myself into this tiny little box in the middle of the screen and every post looked the same. It just wasn't me darlings. So I imported an HTML wide screen thingo and there it was, I had the whole bloody screen to work with.

I used to keep things pretty small for those unfortunates still using just about square screens, but I found it very restrictive and gave up in the end, going wide and letting it all hang out. Felt much better since. I mean I know Australia internet is stone age, but we do have wide screens so just like get with the program people! 

Most of my audience is overseas, but there is a core group of Australians that keep the local views up. I don't know who you all are as I only look at the blogger stats and it doesn't identify any people, just the stats and mostly for just the top ten views, but I'm glad you find my life and political struggles of the LGBT in Australia interesting. The LGBT have no borders.