Saturday, 24 December 2016

US Japanese WW2 camps likened to Muslim registry - Star Trek's Sulu among them

George Takai, as a child and in Star Trek
The great so called saviour of the free world, that didn't bother even getting involved in WW2 until very late in it whilst our men crossed the world to do so being enlisted, jailed families with their children in US concentration camps for years. 

The "light on the hill" became a symbol of incarceration and subtitude for many Japanese descent US citizens, who were born in the US but because of their race were incarcerated for years. Their bank accounts were frozen after being put on a Japanese registry, and soon they were arrested and carted off to "internment" camps.

It may be surprising to many, but Star Trek's original cast member Sulu (George Takai) was among them. His family was taken custody when he was a child and they spent three years in a US concentration camp. For the Japanese back then, it started with the registry.

Watch as the Japanese jailing is discussed in the context of Trump's Muslim registry plans today: