Monday, 19 December 2016

Mike Pence voted homophobe of the year - All Out

There were some pretty strong contenders, including Pastor Steven Anderson and Putin. But All Out members have voted US vice president elect Mike Pence as homophobe of the year for 2016.

Believe it or not, I was mocked on Twitter by Trump-ets after the election when I said Trump wanted to wind back gay rights. The term used by the person was "Oh really? I didn't see that on the ballot", seriously, that how stupid the people are that voted for him. Well now he has homophobe of the year as his vice president. Nup, can't see anything going wrong there.....👀👎

From the email:
Thank you so much for your help calling out this year's worst homophobes. With 52% of your votes, Mike Pence has been named Homophobe of the Year. 

Time and time again, Pence has gone out of his way to make life worse for LGBT people. While governor of Indiana, he passed one of the first "religious freedom" laws, allowing businesses to discriminate against LGBT customers. After a huge outcry – including 55,000 All Out members – it was amended with the intention to protect LGBT people. 

He was staunchly against equal marriage, saying it would cause "societal collapse." The next Vice President of the U.S. even proposed taking funding for HIV/AIDS programs and funneling it into gay "conversion therapy." 

This man has been elected into one of the highest positions of power in the U.S. This is what our community will be facing in 2017.