Friday, 9 December 2016

40% off new fridges funded by NSW gov - for pensioners, health care card & Vet's

Before - the old 27yr old fridge

It's TV's as well as fridges actually, but we only needed a fridge. Our old one was 27 years old, about a year before my daughter was born. I bought it after I met my late wife as she had one of those Sherman tank ones all curvy corners and leaking everywhere. So this came at a very good time.

You can find out all about it here, with the Appliance Replacement Offer from the NSW gov's Office of Environment and Heritage. It's to help people on low incomes in NSW to purchase new appliances that use less electricity and are cheaper to run, and they teamed up with retailer The Good Guys as the outlet to sell them through. I guess the gov pays for the 40% and we the rest.

After, new fridge, cost $395 including delivery