Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tim Wilson gov MP on Tyrone Unsworth's death - too little too late

After his gov spent the year pushing back against us and demonising, accusing us of all sorts of evil political agenda's and the like, ultimately gutting the Safe Schools program set up to help young LGBT with their issues going through high school and defunding it nationally next year (the Victorian Labor gov decided the state would fund it for their schools), and along with all the rhetoric involved coming from parliament, now Tim Wilson reckons something's very wrong to have a gay 13 year old suicide because of bullying in school over his sexuality.

Tim Wilson is gay BTW and can't marry his partner because of his party. I don't personally know how a gay person could be in such a vile party as is the Lieberals.

No doubt the lead from the top found it's way into our school yards, the hate and the rhetoric against us not only with the Safe Schools debate but the marriage equality plebiscite as well all came together. Tyrone ended up feeling like an outsider in school with nowhere to go, claiming that everyone there wanted him dead.

For Tim Wilson to get up now after his own party has been so demonstrably cruel to our community and hard nosed uncaring, be outspoken about us is appreciated but too little too late. Tyrone is dead now. 

Where was he when Bernadi and Christensen were using parliamentary privilege in a witch hunt against us, claiming we were on some agenda to reshape society in our own image or some bizarre crap? Why wasn't he speaking up then? Why did it have to take Tyrone's death to get him to be supportive of young LGBT? Why didn't he make a big fuss at the prospect of Safe Schools being demonised and gutted? Why didn't he resign the party over it?

It's not like he didn't know. During the plebiscite debate we LGBT made it very clear on no uncertain terms that a debate about our lives would likely cost lives. Much of the gov dismissed it as political posturing and that it was crap that anyone would kill themselves over a vote. Where was Tim Wilson then? Why wasn't he shouting from the rooftops like the rest of us?

Why do most Lieberals think we're in some sort of political battle? We just want our human rights, and on occasion our lives not to be lost. What did they think was going to happen? They were literally  playing with our lives.

You can watch the report at the link, this bit is from the Transcript: 
TIM WILSON, LIBERAL MP: And for all young LGBTI children who are experiencing bullying and harassment, we should work to stop it and encourage resilience, because your life will be incredible. 

I was moved to give a speech because, firstly, I don't think such a horrific act should go unnoticed, particularly when it reflects a broader challenge in society around bullying of young kids.


TIM WILSON: LGBTI kids often don't have reference points or role models that they can see where their future lies. 

And they might void themselves, because of the negative messages they get from others, to the point where they no longer have confidence in themselves. 

And I say that because that was my experience throughout my teenage years. ABC
Negative messages from others. How on earth could an LGBT in any way be associated with this?: