Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Was the US election rigged for Trump?

Australian Bludgertrack poll aggregate predicts easy Hillary win just days before election

A US political commentator has asked just that, and come to the conclusion that yes, the voting results do look rigged.

I've considered this myself simply by looking at the polls leading up to the election, particularly the Australian Bludgertrack poll aggregate that has in the past been extremely reliable. As is visible above, the polls broke sharply for Hillary only a few days before the election.

Is it really even possible that every single pollster got it so completely wrong?

The evidence is compelling, particularly now that it's known that Russia interfered with the election:
In order to believe that the official vote tallies are legitimate, you have to accept that all of the above legitimately happened: African-Americans in the south went from turning out in droves for Hillary Clinton in the primary to not caring if she won the general election. Donald Trump got sixty-something percent of the same-day voting in Florida. The polling averages were wrong for the first time in modern history. Trump beat his poll numbers despite having spent the primary season tending to fall below them. Clinton fell below her poll numbers despite having spent the primary season tending to beat them. In every state where Trump pulled off a shocking upset victory, he just happened to do it with one percent of the vote. And in an election that everyone cared particularly deeply about, no one really turned out to vote at all. I can accept any one of the above things happening as an isolated fluke. I cannot accept all the above happening. And so for once in my evidence-driven career, I’m left to believe that the conspiracy theorists are right: the vote tallies are rigged. Palmer Report   
 I've been thinking for a while there's something very suspicious about this election.