Saturday, 31 December 2016

Turnbull's fizzling year 2016, attempts NYE fireworks

It's the end of 2016, new years eve, and the NBN is still nowhere in sight in eastern Sydney, apart from the usual instruction that it's "planned for your area", this despite Turnbull's promise to have all of Australia connected to the NBN by 2016. 

But that's by far just one issue where since taking over from Abbott and heading a woeful election campaign winning gov by just one seat this year, that he has been a profound disappointment and failure. 

Promising strong united gov, he leads one without direction and captive to right wing extremism in his party. 

The early hopes of marriage equality (which he personally supports) were dashed on the rocks as the far right dreamed up a plebiscite idea, leaving the LGBT to have to spend our resources and time to kill it for the sake of our very lives. We succeeded but it was a long and arduous task that saw us denigrated and insulted by gov ministers and extremist christians. 

Turnbull's past commitment to strong and effective climate change died as he placated the far right to remain PM. Even any proposition of pricing carbon for big polluters that would have been an effective mechanism to reduce emissions died a day after it was announced. Australia ends the year with our greenhouse gas emissions increasing whilst the Great Barrier Reef has large portions of it now that are full of dead coral from rising sea temperatures. His gov is now wanting to spend taxpayers money, to the tune of $1billion, to help Adani build one of the world's biggest coal mines that will be shipped through the middle of the Great Barrier Reef.

We had the failed Census, where the Turnbull gov managed to fuck up something that was pretty much unfuckable. However he caused huge angst across Australia on census night as he tried to get it all happening on his fucked up internet. Of course it crashed, the rest was history. David and I eventually did it the old way with a census person knocking on the door with a census form.

We're now having the Centrelink fail of fails, with the gov using "big data" to dragnet innocent civilians into it's claws with false debts and threatening jail without compliance. This issue, is still unfolding but it was a disaster waiting to happen. Innocent people are now clogging up Centrelink phone lines and waiting for over an hour to get through trying to ask Centrelink WTF they're on about going back 6 years and saying they have a debt.

As if all of the above doesn't create enough anxiety for Australians, the Lieberals appear to be on a mission from their god to take apart Medicare brick by brick. We end the year with some pensioners living below the poverty line being demanded to pay $30 to see their doctor.

It goes on and on. It's not even Abbott lite, it just Abbott. The gov hasn't changed policy under Turnbull. The euphoria of Turnbull not being Abbott has long past. It's now into severe disappointment, the likes of which haven't been seen since Kevin Rudd abandoned climate change for political reasons. The polls are entering Abbott territory now.