Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Cat on a microwave :)

Sometimes I wonder if Zac is part kangaroo. He's a very good jumper with excellent balance.  He's 2 yrs old now.

We reorganised the kitchen a bit and put shelves next to the fridge. First he decided to use the top of the shelves as his new cat vantage point to observe all the kitchen happenings. He's smart, sits there watching everything you do fascinated and taking it all in. 

Then the other day I was looking everywhere for him, thought maybe he'd escaped outside like the Houdini he is at times. After a while I finally saw him, way up top on the microwave on top of the fridge FFS, just sitting there perusing the world looking at me, like "what?" 

He'd jumped from the shelves straight up to the top of the microwave on the fridge. He's OK getting back down on his own too. 😼