Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Are Aussie drivers/cars better than other countries? - comparitive crash videos

I don't want to be Aussie-centric folks, but for a bit of entertainment I was watching some car crash videos on YouTube. I happened to come across some Australian ones that I'd never seen before with dash cams, as they do in other countries.

As I watch these on occasion I couldn't help noticing the difference with overseas car crashes. The Aussie video I kept thinking "how the fuck did they not hit that car?" and the like.

Australian cars are expensive to own. They have to be completely roadworthy and attested to that by a qualified car mechanic company. It's also very hard to get an Australian licence (unless you buy it as my neighbour appears to have who can't even park or back out of it) so I guess we're very pedantic about being safe and doing the right thing on the road. 

Most of our roads too in the country are just two lanes with one going each way, but 100/110kmph speed limit. It can take quite some concentration on some of those roads, I can attest, to go at that rate.

So there's the combination of the law saying your car must be roadworthy to get insurance and stay on the road (the cops can impound it if not) and the experience of drivers on adversary roads. 

Yet with all the foreign videos (driving stupidly on the wrong side of the road I might add, ha ha) it's chaos and a free for all demolition derby.

Below are two videos to compare. First one Aussie, next one some northern hemisphere thing....