Thursday, 7 September 2017

Postal survey on our lives to go ahead - We will vote yes (video)

Unfortunately for LGBT people the marriage equality postal survey has survived the high court challenge and will go ahead as planned. I for one am completely disgusted.

Never before has any group in Australia been put through this in their struggles for human rights. Not for women getting the vote, or Aboriginal people. This is completely unfair, a twisting of the knife stuck in us by this gov. A hurdle set up by the gov designed to fail. To think that this comes from the far right of the party who are using a christian base to hurt us like this is just obscene.

We'll never forget what this gov has done to us. They will for decades to come be the party that purposefully went out of their way to hurt us. For no good reason. I hope the vast majority of Australians will see that and stick up for us in this survey. Stick it to the gov for kicking us when we're down. Spending $122 million of taxpayers money to do it, taxes that LGBT people pay like everyone else.

Interesting that 65,000 young people have enrolled to vote for this survey, part of about 90,000 new enrollments. My initial reaction was to ceremoniously burn the ballot paper when it arrived in the mail as to have our lives scrutinised and voted on in such a way is an insult and a slap in the face for all LGBT Australians. However after much navel gazing I have of late changed my mind. It appears the Yes campaign is very mobilised, vibrant, and with much support. I will be taking part in that now as a way to stick the postal survey right up the gov's ass with a big yes vote. Particularly Abbott's ass, but that's just too creepy to imagine.

Meanwhile LGBT must now endure more hate, perhaps more than ever before. Hate from the likes of the Australian Christian Lobby's Lyle bloody Shelton, who appears to be in some kind of christian/political psychosis. Imagining that David and I getting married will mean the end of the world or something. Hate from Neo-Nazis who now have a national stage to spread their bile. All through this LGBT will know who's to blame for this; Malcolm Turnbull.

The latest add from Australian Marriage Equality has just this afternoon been put up on YouTube. It includes Ian Thorpe. The one below that was posted earlier today.

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