Monday, 18 September 2017

Yes vote "on the wrong side of history" - Bernardi at "No" campaign launch (video)

It's OK to be bigots apparently
The No slogan is "It's OK to vote no", and it's really creeping seeing a whole crowd of people salving their conscience at being bigots with that slogan. As I posted the other day by Angry Aussie, bigotry is the only reason to vote no. But call out bigots and they deny it, hence the slogan I guess.

But the most bizarre part of the video is Bernardi shouting that the Yes vote is "on the wrong side of history". What planet is he on? Does he think if an unreliable survey such as this produces a No vote that we're just going to go away? Labor has already said it will introduce a bill for marriage equality in it's first 100 days if they win power, no matter what the survey says.

Sick to death of these hysterical voices claiming the sky will fall if David and I marry. Surely these extremists have held sway for far to long in Australia. They've stood in the way of LGBT people every step of the way with lies and prejudice. There must at some point when a watershed moment comes and Australians say they've had enough of these raving lunatics. A big yes vote would really stick it to them.


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