Friday, 8 September 2017

Lyle Sheltons latest piss weak video against marriage equality

He just won't go to the actual issue, and drags out a video of fossilised John Howard raving on about something from yesteryear.

Shelton is a delusion nut case. Honestly he needs some kind of counseling and serious medication to address his complete paranoia of us. 

The actual issue is do Australians want David and I to be able to marry like every other Australian? Nothing else

When straights get married who knows what the so called "consequences" may be? The husband molesting their kid boy? (99% of paedophiles identify as straight). Alcohol and violence against the wife? Should we stop straight marriage because of the (proven) consequences that may happen? 

All he's got is the absurd notion that David and I getting married will lead to "radical sex education" in schools. The Safe Schools so called "radical sex education" has already been funded by the Victorian gov on it's own, under the state Labor gov. How will gay marriage lead to something already in existence FFS?

And this fuckwit will get to vote if David and my relationship can become legal or not. 

I note that he's too fuckin scared to allow me to comment on the YouTube video. Christian coward, but all too willing to feign "persecution". OMG what a complete and utter fuckwit.


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