Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Shit hitting Lieberal fan over marriage equality meltdown - latest (video)

It's getting very serious now in Lieberal land. They are ripping themselves apart over marriage equality.

So, the far RWNJ's are really pissed off at the gay MP's from the back bench pressuring for a conscience vote on marriage equality and are pushing even harder for a snail mail plebiscite-or-nothing doctrine again. Yes these idiots want David and I's human rights placed in the hands of Australia Post.

So pissed off are they that they have threatened the gay MP's to be deselected from the party (a gay purge?). It fully smells of bully Abbott. Fellow straight supporter Entsch, a party veteran and stallward, isn't impressed.

What's more, Nationals nutter MP George Christensen is threatening to leave the Coalition if the Libs break their agreement with the National party to not have a conscience vote. 

The National party, now getting very few votes and way over represented in Canberra as part of the Coalition gov, are about 85% opposed to marriage equality according to how they voted in that 6 hour megathon combined party room meeting over marriage equality last year. With such a slim majority we're talking the possibility of bringing down the gov if the odd disgruntled RWNJ follows him.

Talk about Karma. Oh how sweet it is. The Lieberals deserve this for fucking us LGBT over for years. Playing politics with our lives to placate members of the party, giving all their attention to navel gazing having nothing to do with us yet making policy about us only to suit them.

That has infuriated Mr Entsch, who phoned Mr Spence last night and told him he would not be silenced.

 "I have every right to be able to express a view," he said.

 "I have every right to vote according to my conscience.

 "I am not going to be dictated to. If they don't like it — as I said to the president last night — disendorse me.

 "I am not making threats, they are the ones making threats against me.

 "I just said to him, mate don't threaten me — do it, pull it on, bring it on."

 Mr Entsch is also angry because he says anonymous threats have been made in the media against people, including himself, who support changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry.

 He said some people would declare any change to be "the end of the world and we are all the anti-Christ".

 He defended his Liberal colleague Trevor Evans, who has also advocated for same-sex marriage.

"Veiled threats have clearly been made by anonymous sources," he said.

 "If you are going to make those sort of threats, put your name to it and have the courage to stand up for what you claim to believe in."

 Mr Entsch said he told Mr Spence of his real "disappointment and anger that this was also targeted at first-term members in an effort to intimidate them".

 "Members should not be intimidated one way or other in relation to how they do their job," he said.

"They do it as they deem it to be appropriate." ABC


Things are moving apace in the Liberal National Coalition. Peter Dutton is running the numbers ahead of a planned challenge for the leadership next week, according to Canberra insiders. 

 His decision to move was allegedly triggered by the refusal of members agitating for free vote on equal marriage to back down and give his postal ‘plebiscite’ plan a clear run. 

 Numbers are looking so poor for Malcolm Turnbull that Julie Bishop is cutting her Philippines visit in half to stand against Dutton. She will throw her hat in the ring as the moderate candidate against Dutton. She is by far preferred by the voters, but Dutton is confident he will win in the party room.

Tony Abbott is described as “incredibly chuffed”. “Turnbull must not at any cost get to two years from his perspective,” I was told. Meanwhile the PM continues to front the cameras wearing the pained expression of a man sliding down a razor blade using his balls for brakes. The Stirrer

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