Thursday, 10 August 2017

Lounging cats (Pics)

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Casper and Cloe share my lounge chair a lot. Casper has grown so fast, but Cloe remains the cute femme fatale. She's stayed quite little. Brother and sister love each other, have remained together since birth.

They've both had their trips to the vet up the road to get desexed. We waited longer for Cloe as she was so small and it's quite a big operation for her. Cloe is a smart cat, and even though Zac and Casper are smart as well, she still manages to outsmart them in play. They'll be playing chasies with each other running through the house at top speed, and when being pursued Cloe will dive in a slightly different direction behind the lounge or a chair, leaving Zac or Casper wondering where the fuck she went :)

Below Casper lounges on my lap while I watch TV, with Zac in the background in front of the beloved heater, being winter down under. Natasha takes time out in the cat bed. Natasha just loves Cloe. Must be a girl thing. Although she's 17 or so now she still like to play sometimes with the other cats, especially Cloe.

Natasha is still the boss of them all. She like a matriarch. She give the younger one a biff with her paw if they get out of line.