Wednesday, 9 August 2017

LGBT are furious! - "most bigoted, homophobic, anti-gay government in the history of Australia" (video)

We LGBT are furious folks. Rope-able. And as the days pass after Monday's Lieberal debacle the anger is only growing. When you see the likes of Lyle Shelton and Tony Abbott congratulating the gov for sticking to the plebiscite-or-nothing doctrine I can feel the blood boil in my veins. 

The family and friends of the LGBT are angry.

The general public is angry that the gov is tying itself up in knots over something that could be solved immediately when there are so many other issues to deal with as well.

Already the utter and complete bullshit is coming out of Abbott's mouth in the media. He has likened marriage equality to "political correctness" and to vote no if you're against political correctness. 

"Well done to Malcolm Turnbull and the government for making sure this is going to happen," the former prime minister told reporters in Canberra before outlining his argument for a 'no' vote.

 "If you don't like same-sex marriage vote 'no', if you're worried about religious freedom and freedom of speech vote 'no', if you don't like political correctness vote 'no'."

 Voting 'no' would "stop political correctness in its tracks". Nine News

What a fuckin insult, to say that equality and the recognition of our love before the law is nothing more than "political correctness"! What a slap in the face for every LGBT person in the country, to boil our lives down to nothing more than a political faction. 

This is one of the very reasons why the LGBT are so opposed to a plebiscite (yes, it actually is about us, not RWNJ's and their views on us). People like Abbott and Shelton can pedal their lies and associate marriage equality to all manner of things, in this case "political correctness". Or "religious freedom" which was addressed in the most comprehensive marriage equality bill ever put before the parliament. 

And what is this thing "If you don't like same sex marriage"? People don't like convicted murderers being able to get married in jail, but they can. If somebody who doesn't like David and I being married, what right have they got to have any say in it at all? That's their problem, not ours. Abbott is saying that it's OK to be a bigot, simple as that, and that bigotry can stop love.

I have no doubt that the Lieberals haven't the faintest idea of the depth and breadth of anger and pure rage that they ignited across Australia with their pitiful actions on Monday. Indeed it's clear they're incapable of any sort of empathy to anyone outside their political world view.

This from a fellow LGBT on the subject, Dr Stuart Edser Principal Psychologist at Newcastle Psychology & Health:

Dr Stuart Edser
As for the LIberal Nationals, I am too angry tonight to write what I really think of them. Let me just say that I think the way they have treated me and my family, and the LGBTQ individuals I know and love, and the many others around the country too plus all their families, is nothing short of treacherous. It is clear the LNP does not give a flying f–k about LGBTQ people.

 Their hollow useless leader is a spineless jelly whose tilt at the Prime Ministership deserves to be over sooner rather than later. His is a failed Prime Ministership by any standard. He has squandered his time as Australia’s leader and will regret it for the rest of his life. His much touted gay credentials lie tonight tattered and in ruins after he has allowed his predecessor’s model to continue to reign supreme in the party.

 And the moderates all around him, who could have stood beside him in solidarity for progressive values, are also a bunch of cowed beaten pathetic doormats too. They have let the likes of Abetz, Abbott, Bernardi, Andrews, Christensen walk all over them, men who believe that gay people are inferior and that our relationships are not worthy.

 I am angry tonight. The LNP has done everything it possibly could short of a coup to stop marriage equality.

 We gay people know where we stand. We matter not to these conservative troglodytes. We do not figure.

 This LNP Government will go down in history as THE most bigoted, homophobic, anti-gay government in the history of Australia. To night, I can only say that I look forward, with every fibre of my being, to the night, hopefully not too distant hence, when they will be turfed out on their conservative arses and not let back in again for decades. And to that end, I am happy to pledge myself in doing what I can to hasten that longed-for evening. The Stirrer
I therefore maintain that the only way to get marriage equality in Australia is to get rid of this gov.

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