Monday, 14 August 2017

David and I were interviewed yesterday for the HIV book project

Phil and Roy, in charge of the HIV book project, stopped by yesterday to interview us about living with HIV and all that that entails. I originally signed up myself and told David I was going to be interviewed for this book project. David was rather wary at first but as the date approached he decided he'd like to be a part of it too. So it was a double interview, us being the first couple that Phil and Roy have done so.

There's a Facebook post put up here, with a picture taken on the day and a short explanation:

Love has no bounds is an apt description of the relationship our two HIV+ models enjoy in this weekend's photo shoot and interview.

Their stories intertwine lighthearted comical anecdotes of their lives together. Peter and David share intimate details of an obviously loving relationship that has stood the test of time, of major illness, and the legal drama associated with HIV work place discrimination. All of which they have overcome.

They both share their inspiring loving story.

Thank you from Roy and Phil. The HIV Book Project 
The whole idea of the project is to give a human face to those with HIV, and that we're just people like everyone else, who live and love just like anybody.

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