Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Aust. Christian Lobby has only 11 full time employees - WTF?

That number again, 11

Yes folks, you'd think from the money it has and the influence it has over politicians that the Australian Christian Lobby would be a large organisation employing a few hundred people or so. They're always in the news commenting about how evil us LGBT are. 

Lyle Shelton is well known amongst us for being so anti-gay and completely against us. On top of that he seems to have easy access to the RWNJ's in Canberra and making media comments about the decisions that come out of Canberra about us, particularly with marriage equality. Is it because Shelton used to be a political adviser to Barnaby Joice?

Yet the ACL has only 11 full time employees, a few part timers, and a number of volunteers. That's it. Yet the whole of Australia is being held captive at times to these complete lunatics.

The article is from early last year but I doubt much has changed since then. Why oh why have these people got such an unrepresentative voice? These are the ones mobilising against us if the postal plebiscite gets up. Eleven fuckin people FFS!

It's not democracy to have a few well paid up lobbyists with such an enormous reach.

According to the ACL’s most recent financial statements, the ACL has 11 full-time employees, five part-time employees, two casual employees and 20 unpaid volunteers. The lobby’s donations have increased over the past few years, from $2 million in 2013 to $2.7 million in 2015. Most funding goes to paying staffing costs. The amount of money spent on polling and election campaigns sits at an average of around $100,000 a year. Crikey
In honour of Glen Cambell's death, perhaps the ACL could take some of his advice. I remember listening to on a sort of suitcase record player in the 1970's that dad let us use now and then in the loungeroom (just one speaker). Long long ago as a kid, fascinated that you could actually buy one song on a little record. I dunno how we ended up with it but we must have begged dad for the cents to get it. I listened to it a few hundred times I think, and the song never left me after that. It was before Reaganomics and the cruelty it would bring for the next 30 years to all western nations. It was a time when "trying a little kindness" made all the sense in the world.

In the light of what's going on now, Campbell is almost prophetic.

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