Sunday, 6 August 2017

Postal plebiscite will be challenged in High Court

Marriage Equality advocates will challenge a postal plebiscite in the High Court if the Lieberals  go ahead with it.

The postal plebiscite is attractive to the RWNJ's of the party as they assume no legislation is needed to make it happen. However constitutional lawyers have given advice that this is not correct.

Another one of Dopey Dutton's seriously stupid ideas. What a bloody clown show.
Liberal MPs from the party's right faction want a postal vote on gay marriage, in a bid to thwart any attempt by moderate MPs to support a conscience vote in parliament.

 However, constitutional lawyers Ron Merkel, QC and Christopher Tran have prepared legal advice which argues a postal vote on gay marriage would be invalid unless it was underpinned by new laws, The Sun-Herald reported.

 Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays campaigner Shelley Argent told the newspaper she would 'not hesitate to take the government to the High Court' based on this advice. Daily Mail UK

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