Saturday, 19 August 2017

"Respectful" debate? - pfffft (image)

This is the sort of lies that they're saying about our LGBT community, because Turnbull doesn't have the ticker to simply call a free conscience vote (like Howard did four times in the life of his gov). It's all hysterical lies and innuendo against us.

Trans people are not sexual predators. The LGBT are not sexual predators. These are lies perpetrated from the stone age. 99% of paedophiles identify as straight. To blame us for the despicable acts that these straight people do is to let them get away with it. And they dare to proclaim"think of the children"?

I'm a parent of a beautiful daughter in her mid 20's. She works in child care and is fully qualified after her studies. To even suggest that because David and I want to marry that therefore I'm a sexual predator is probably the deepest insult you could make to any father.

Respectful debate? These people haven't the slightest respect for David and I and are willing to dredge up anachronistic lies about us and distribute them in a pamphlet. Perhaps they're doing us a favour by showing Australians what hateful lying bigots they are.

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