Friday, 4 August 2017

Rodney Croome's new book on marriage equality - "Devil in the Detail" (free PDF)

Rodney Croome has released a short book (free PDF). He was head of the Australian Marriage Equality organisation for some time  and has been fighting for gay rights for decades here. He was also involved in the bitter debate on the LGBT in the 1990's in Tasmania which saw a young gay suicide over the hatred exposed against him in said debate. In recent times Croome left as head of Australian Marriage equality to fight against the plebiscite the Lieberals were wanting on gay marriage as he didn't want any young LGBT person suiciding again in the hateful debate that a plebiscite would stir up from the far right.

Now he's released this book. You can download it for free here. I've not read it yet but after looking at the contents page he talks about concerns over the current marriage equality bill being proposed by the rebel Lieberals for a free vote on. It gives exemptions to secular celebrants who don't want to marry gays for religious reasons; in essence creating a new form of discrimination for the LGBT in Australia.

Personally I'm not sure where I stand on this. Would a future gov be able to remove this new discrimination? Should we accept the bill as is for now just to get it past those bloody fuckwit far righters in Canberra and fight for the discrimination to be removed later? I don't know. I do know David and I want to be married....

Download free PDF "Devil in the Detail" here.

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