Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The real facts if marriage equality is voted yes (oh the humanity...)

OK...... Well I've tried and tried to get myself to the point of actually taking part in a national survey on my life. I've really really tried darlings. Even David last night announced he would likely vote in the thing, causing a bit of a dramatic exercise in loving disagreement. This caused me even more self angst at my thinking to take no part in it apart from burning the ballot on social media.

Alas my angst reanalysis of my position resulted in no change. I still can't bring myself to the humiliating process of asking fellow Australians if I can have the same human rights as them, like I used to have when I was married to my late wife. Call me proud, call be too sensitive (story of my life BTW that last one) but I just can't do it. It would hurt my deeply held conscience beliefs to do so. Sue me :s  He he he....

Anyway....... so those of anybody reading that are all fired up about this survey like the gov may actually fail to make it a no vote and it comes out "yes", you lot would be interested in this blog rave at The Stirrer. For your convenience I have made a simple snip out of the main bit for plastering over social media to your hearts content. You all know the story, right click, save, post. I'll Twitter it myself in fact, despite my deeply held religious conscience beliefs.

Explaining Yes, spread it far and wide if for no other reason than to really piss off the Neo-Nazis and Lyle Shelton (not that I would ever associate Lyle with Nazis after he called us Nazis) :

The Stirrer

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